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Why choose a cruise?



A blog post for one of my clients, Beach and Body swimwear boutique in Westbourne.


You’ve decided to treat yourself to a winter holiday. You always prefer a beach holiday to skiing, but have you thought about going on a cruise?

Here are some reasons to sail the high seas:



Fantastic food

Cruise ships have fantastic restaurants; they also have very talented chefs creating gastronomic masterpieces. Think a la Carte food in one place – and available every day of your holiday. Some cruise lines now have celebrity chefs on board! According to cruise critic, you are able to taste sushi culinary delights from Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa on Crystal Cruises. Yum!

Perfect pampering

The best beauty treatments can be experienced on cruise ships. On Costa cruises, they offer ‘A different pleasure every day’ from Therapeutic stone massages to ‘Samsara Dream’ – an experience which, they say, helps you to achieve ‘perfect harmony.’ Find out more here – sit back, relax and enjoy some tranquility…

Value for money

Most facilities onboard are free of charge. This includes food at many restaurants and outlets, fully equipped gymnasiums, swimming pools and numerous onboard sports and activities are available whenever you require. This leaves more budget for off board excursions, luxury cocktails or even a spin in the casino!

Adventure at (s) ease

Imagine being transported to a new fantastic location while you eat, drink and be merry. Wake up from your slumber, having arrived in a brand new destination to explore! Spend a day in New York City, then an island in the Caribbean the next. What a fantastic adventure!

Keeping ladies fabulous – because it’s ‘Always Summer Somewhere!’



This is a blog piece written for a client – an independent swimwear boutique based in Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset:

Melanie, owner of swimwear boutique Beach and Body in Westbourne, Bournemouth, knows exactly how to make women feel good in their own skin – especially when it means showing more of it than usual.

Her bright and colourful boutique, situated on the beautiful Dorset coast and just a stone’s throw from popular ‘milionaire’s row’ Sandbanks, is proud to specialise in finding the perfect swimwear for ladies of all shapes and sizes, with accessories to match all tastes and requirements.

Starting out her career in retail in the 1980s, Melanie began her love of the beauty industry as a make-up artist. She says “I found it extremely rewarding to be able to help ladies feel better about themselves through simple beauty tips.” Melanie then opened an independent beauty salon in Ringwood, Hampshire called ‘Cosmetique’. Combined with a cosmetic and perfumery sales department, Melanie continued to make women everywhere feel fabulous.

The opportunity then arose to obtain an independent boutique in Bournemouth suburb Westbourne. Melanie is also qualified to carry out professional bra fitting. Because of this, she befittingly offered both lingerie and swimwear – especially for the bigger bust.

Beach and Body now sticks to swimwear and accessories, including:

· Two piece swimsuits

· Long body swimsuits

· Long length tankinis

· Sarongs

· Pareos

· Beach bags

· Sun visors

· Retro petal swim hats

· Sun hats

· Glamorous heeled pool shoes

The demand for year-round summer clothing and swimwear has increased, as more and more people are choosing a winter getaway, be it a Caribbean cruise or beach holiday, women are looking for good fitting swimwear – even when there’s snow on the ground here!

The need for swimwear doesn’t stop at holidays. Becoming more popular with ‘can’t-miss-out’ deals, those who treat themselves to spa breaks and pamper days definitely deserve to look good too!

Think how carefully we, as ladies, take to choose a perfect outfit for an important evening out – the dress, the shoes, a cover up, the best underwear to go with that dress – and last but not least – hair and make-up. We all like to look good, making us feel good and then reflecting in our mood and personality.

Why shouldn’t this be the same for feeling comfortable by the pool or on the beach? Melanie’s individual service to feeling fabulous are personal fittings and honest opinion, all while taking into account which particular swimwear and accessories suit the holiday destination or activity.

Thank goodness luxury swimwear is available all year round – or as Melanie’s well – used catchphrase states: ‘Always Summer Somewhere’.

Winter weddings blog post

italian villa home

I wrote this blog post for one of my clients, a wedding venue in Dorset.

As states: ‘Winter weddings can have lashings of atmosphere and, with lots of preparation, be presented as a truly magical event.’

So what are the benefits for winter weddings, as opposed to tying the knot in the summer sun?

Here are some of our favourites:

1.     Availability.

Brides often find themselves having to join a two-year waiting list for their dream wedding venue. Most couples prefer to say their vows in the sunshine – your preferred venue will have more availability in the winter.

2.     Outfit.

No meringues here. Wrapping up warm on your wedding day brings with it so many more options. Fake fur stole? Vintage high-neck dress? The options are endless…House of Fraser have some wonderful choices. See more here

3.     Scenic.

Summer shots bring with it the usual issues. Dabbing slightly perspiring faces, fanning hot bridesmaids and cooling down pageboys for the perfect photos. With a snowy scene, make-up won’t be melting, hairstyles will stay in place and with crisp winter days, the colours will make for some simply stunning photography.

4.     Unique.

Everyone tends to tie the knot during the summer months. When is the last time you experienced a completely different day of celebration? Winter weddings are just that – and will guarantee people will be talking about it for years to come.

5.     Friends.

Do you find yourself with no free weekends in the summer? With summer holidays, outdoor functions and school breaks, friends will find themselves booked up quite early. Choosing out-of-season not only will ensure their availability, but also gives everyone something to really look forward to during an otherwise quiet season.

6.     Better suppliers.

Fewer weddings in turn mean less demand for wedding suppliers. Weddings after the busy summer season means you are more likely to retain your preferred choice of photographer, hairdresser and make-up artist. Caterers will be yours for the taking! Click here for our preferred wedding suppliers.

7.     Weather.

Unlike unpredictable British summers, where we naively rely on sunshine and seem to consistently be let down, winter weddings have the reassurance of crisp cool weather – celebrate snuggly and warm indoors, and wrap up warm for your snowy scene photographs.

 The Italian Villa, set in the grounds of Compton Acres, holds wedding ceremonies, wedding breakfasts and evening receptions all year round. Check availability here for your wonderful winter wedding.  A fantastic day to remember!