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Covering letter for a job application…

keep calm

They said: “Give us five reasons why you would be perfect for the job”


I said:


I love writing. I love content in a variety of genres and have fully enjoyed every job that has been entrusted to me (even the more challenging ones..) and have seen every one of those challenges as an experience, learning along the way. (i’m a self-professed geek and love to learn)


Here’s my five reasons why I would be PERFECT for this job:


1. I love to meet people. Networking is my thing and I can get on with people from all walks of life, putting all clients who meet me fully at ease with their brand in my writing hands.


2. Let’s blue sky it. Being relatively new to agency jargon (I worked for my first agency in 2011) it didn’t take me long to understand ‘agency speak’ and have been told that one of my strengths is that I don’t particularly need a detailed brief – a chat and insight into the brand, market, audience and client ideas is usually enough for me.


3. “You’re saying you don’t like it?” I’m pretty thick-skinned and can take constructive criticism – even full-on comments of “this is awful!” I’m used to clients saying and thinking they know better. I can usually talk them around with my sweet grin (and good ideas obviously).


4. I love Bournemouth. I grew up here, then moved away to Uni, have lived in London and even Bermuda, but the pull of Bournemouth was always stronger. My family has a business here and I am famously proud of my home town, always promoting it when I can. I love the local brands and have almost a sick passion for it – I think this comes across in my work. I like freelancing, but would really like to put down my roots and be part of a winning team.


5. I live just down the road. Boscombe Spa to be exact – I even made it to work in the snow at the start of this year, when many didn’t. if that’s not a good reason to be perfect for the role…



Keeping ladies fabulous – because it’s ‘Always Summer Somewhere’


Melanie, owner of swimwear boutique Beach and Body in Westbourne, Bournemouth, knows exactly how to make women feel good in their own skin – especially when it means showing more of it than usual.

Her bright and colourful boutique, situated on the beautiful Dorset coast and just a stone’s throw from popular ‘milionaire’s row’ Sandbanks, is proud to specialise in finding the perfect swimwear for ladies of all shapes and sizes, with accessories to match all tastes and requirements.

Starting out her career in retail in the 1980s, Melanie began her love of the beauty industry as a make-up artist. She says “I found it extremely rewarding to be able to help ladies feel better about themselves through simple beauty tips.”  Melanie then opened an independent beauty salon in Ringwood, Hampshire called ‘Cosmetique’. Combined with a cosmetic and perfumery sales department, Melanie continued to make women everywhere feel fabulous.

The opportunity then arose to obtain an independent boutique in Bournemouth suburb Westbourne. Melanie is also qualified to carry out professional bra fitting. Because of this, she befittingly offered both lingerie and swimwear – especially for the bigger bust.

Beach and Body now sticks to swimwear and accessories, including:


·      Two piece swimsuits

·      Long body swimsuits

·      Long length tankinis

·      Sarongs

·      Pareos

·      Beach bags

·      Sun visors

·      Retro petal swim hats

·      Sun hats

·      Glamorous heeled pool shoes


The demand for year-round summer clothing and swimwear has increased, as more and more people are choosing a winter getaway, be it a Caribbean cruise or beach holiday, women are looking for good fitting swimwear – even when there’s snow on the ground here!

The need for swimwear doesn’t stop at holidays. Becoming more popular with ‘can’t-miss-out’ deals, those who treat themselves to spa breaks and pamper days definitely deserve to look good too!

Think how carefully we, as ladies, take to choose a perfect outfit for an important evening out – the dress, the shoes, a cover up, the best underwear to go with that dress – and last but not least – hair and make-up. We all like to look good, making us feel good and then reflecting in our mood and personality.

Why shouldn’t this be the same for feeling comfortable by the pool or on the beach? Melanie’s individual service to feeling fabulous are personal fittings and honest opinion, all while taking into account which particular swimwear and accessories suit the holiday destination or activity.

Thank goodness luxury swimwear is available all year round – or as Melanie’s well – used catchphrase states: ‘Always Summer Somewhere’.

Stop poking me!

When Facebook started, we were all hooked. Not only could we see what our closest 300 friends were up to at any time of the day (as long as they posted it) but we could take pictures of them, pictures that they definitely didn’t like, put them online for all to see (as long as we didn’t have a limited profile) and hoped that they hadn’t worked out how to de-tag themselves.
We had fun asking Tabitha (who we hadn’t seen since taking our GCSE’s) to be our virtual friend and tried not to get upset when she not only didn’t accept us within half and hour, but had the audacity to not accept us as a ‘friend’ at all! There was SO much to share with her (after looking at her photographs to see if she was still fat – hopefully she would have an unblocked profile) and we could play games on the computer about obtaining animals and see if she would give us a chicken. LOTS of fun.
Then, once we had finally got tired of random people ‘poking’ us, someone announced that Facebook and something called Twitter (otherwise known as Social Media) actually had another purpose. A better purpose. A purpose that made more sense. We could set up accounts for our businesses, people could share it with others and our information could be seen by people all over the world! What a great idea.
Social media is now a necessity. In this digital world, people generally look at their mobile device first for information. Be it an iPhone, Blackberry, android or tablet, these devices are never far away. And be honest – how many times in the last week have you said out loud, or in your head “Ooh, I’ll just Google it”. Information is at our fingertips via the World Wide Web. It’s an encyclopedia in the sky and is available 24/7, 365 days a year. The yellow pages really is an obsolete article.
But let’s not dwell on this being a negative. Let’s view the positives. You can reach audiences for your product in your local area, in the next town and even overseas. Followers of your product on any form of social media can virtually share any aspect of your information with others at the touch of a button. If you have a niche product, someone can not only easily find what they are seeking, buy it, use it and love it, but they can also discuss it on social media with others, effectively rating it for free!
A great story: Brenda, mother-of the-bride, had found a fabulous outfit in an exclusive womenswear outlet in the sale. Her sister, Julie, (auntie-of-the-bride) had also found an outfit in the sale during her visit to stay with Brenda. One was a beautiful teal colour, one fuchsia. There were, unfortunately, no shoes to match. Julie travelled back to her home in New York. She scoured the Internet for shoes and found the perfect pair for herself. She immediately sent the link to Brenda. Brenda looked on the same site but couldn’t find the correct colour or size. She felt downhearted.
Julie then suggested looking for the company on Facebook. Brenda ‘liked’ their page, which had a section for customer comments. There she found a similar story to herself, a lady in the UK who was searching for the perfect shoes and how she had found the site wonderful. Brenda spoke via the Facebook page to this woman, who urged her to send a message via the page to the online customer service representatives. Brenda did just that, and, just 3 weeks later, received the perfect pair of shoes for her outfit at her home. She re-visited the Facebook page and left a glowing review!
Yes, a small tangible product, but nevertheless, a good example of how social media can work for even the smallest business.
I still like looking at how thin or fat my classmates are now though…

Post holiday blues or in the pink?

You know the feeling. You arrive back from some fun in the sun. To dreary weather, nothing left in your bank account and nothing to look forward to but that one last sleep before work on Monday. 

I propose that this is the end of post holiday blues as we know it.

We returned from Barcelona. A little worse for wear, early in the morning. To Heathrow. We also had to make it to Gatwick, then find the car, then drive back to Bournemouth. 

This, I thought, is time for a change. To ban this feeling. To make a change. Starting this moment, right here, right now.

We emerged from the gaggle of holidaymakers getting lost between baggage reclaim and nothing to declare. Emerging from Heathrow Terminal 5 (which is, actually as airport terminals go,  pretty nice) we stepped out into sunshine. YES, actual sunshine. In England. In early June. I stopped and felt the warm(ish) glow on my skin.
We needed a coach shuttle from Heathrow to Gatwick. After queuing at the national coach service (an ‘express national coach’ service. You get the idea) we booked a coach that left in 30 minutes. Excellent.

I purchased a normal white coffee from the coffee outlet in the terminal (coffee there wouldn’t ‘cost (y) a’. again, you get the idea) and sat on the comfy waiting area seats.

Striding to the coach terminals, 10 minutes early, I had confidence in the plan. No, I didn’t let the fact that no coach came for 30 minutes ruin my positivity. OR that the lady in the high vis jacket with the coach name emblazoned on her back told me the wrong stop number.

And I also didn’t let it get to me that when I picked up my car from the person’s driveway that I had rented out for the week, the battery was flat. I simply sighed, asked him for a jump start, and we were on our way.

AND I didn’t let the fact that the motorway signs flashed up ‘long delays between junctions 1-3’ upset me. (I was at junction 20 and had to go beyond junction 1).

We (me and the other half) had an epic plan. We pulled off the main road, consulted the old school road map and decided to rid the traffic, rid the stress, rid the queues, we were gonna navigate a drive home cross country.

Coming off the main road, we were suddenly in leafy suburbia. We put the top down on the (old, not sporty) car. Found our way down windy country roads, him driving, me navigating with map, we slowly got nearer to Bournemouth. All while catching the summer sun and chatting happily.

We even decided to stop at a country pub. As it was past 3, the lunch rush had ended, the bar staff were happy, we had a choice of tables and the food arrived really quickly. We paid, left back into the sunshine and made for home.

Getting home to our dark, small flat, we pelt a pang of sadness. No, we thought. NO!

We showered, changed, and before we fell asleep in front of Britain’s Got Talent (we HAD been up since 3 am) we set off or our local bar, Urban Beach. A gem of a bar, in amongst houses but only 2 roads up from the pier, with a huge decking area, it was perfect to catch the rest of the evening sun. I even ordered a mojito. We shared some nachos. We talked and laughed. 

By the time we had returned home, and both fell asleep in front of the tv, we had managed to flee the post holiday depression. All because of a forced cross-country drive, a bashed-up old cabriolet, a country pub pit stop, a bit of sun and an evening mojito.

With brown skin, rosy cheeks, glossy hair and shiny blue eyes, I was actually fine about the return to work. No blues here!

That’s until Tuesday…